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B. Glina, A. Bogacz

Current state of peatlands in the Stolowe Mountains and possibility of their restoration

Investigations were conducted in October 2010 on shallow organic soils on peatlands area near Karlow in the central part of Stolowe Mountains National Park (SW Poland). These site according to drainage are exposed to periodic fluctuation of ground water table.  Peat-forming plants, originally occurring there, are displaced by the expansive grasses, shrubs and trees. This is an important problem in biodiversity conservation of wetland habitats. It is necessary to take action to change this unfavourable situation. Peat soil material for laboratory analysis were sampled in 3 sites (16 samples) selected on study area. In sampled material several physical, physicochemical and chemical properties were determined. Organic soils under examination represented mainly initial stage of secondary transformation. It is suitable moment for take activities of restoration method. Further overdrying of these soils will complicate rewetting during restoration process, what showed MED method analysis. Mowing and removing of biomass from the site for regulating nutrient availability  should be support by other restoration methods. Firstly reduce water outflow from this area by blocking drainage ditch occurring along the study area.                                                                             

The aim of the work was to characterization of shallow organic soils, assess according to peatland degradation stages classification and  discuss some crucial issues of their protection and restoration.